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Termite control

Termite Control

While termites aren’t very dangerous to humans during a basic method, the harm they cause is big, either to buildings and houses or crops.

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rodent treatment

Rodent Treatment

Mice and rats can cause at least 35 diseases to humans, according to the CDC. These diseases are salmonellosis, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever.

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bed bug treatment

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug saliva act as an anesthetic and promote increased blood flow at the bite site. Bed bugs are trigger asthma and unbearable itching.

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general pest control

General Pest Control

This treatment will control all type of pest in a single service. Spraying and gel treatment will be done particularly for lizards.

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Cockroach control

Cockroach control

These creepy very little guys that are best-known to be able to get over a nuclear attack, they’ll survive for months while no food or water.

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Mosquito control

Mosquito control

A mosquito can suck up to 3 times its weight in blood. Spraying will be done entire area of Mosquito infested places.

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Cheap and best pest control service in Trichy, Tamil Nadu 👍👍 nice work