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Pest Control Services Nagapattinam

Pest Control Services Nagapattinam

Pest Control Nagapattinam

ZippoCHEM pest control services Nagapattinam provide solutions to lot of households and businesses in Nagapattinam to get rid of termites, mosquitos, cockroaches, rodents and other dangerous pests.

Our staff furnish complete pest solutions which includes efficient inspection, tailored treatments, proofing and prevention against the variety of pests.

Bed Bug Treatment

Our team will undergo thorough inspection of the houses, commercial buildings or industrial buildings and find out the eggs hatched areas, will check for all likely hideouts so that we can fully make sure that we terminate any chance for the bed bugs to stay in the respective buildings.

The spray solution method are used to treat and the chemical formulated emulsion is sprayed over the bed bugs infested areas which can include wall and the floor junctions, carpets, switchboxes, any cracks and crevices in the wall and floors, mattresses, sofa etc.

Our bed bugs treatment will include a single treatment of two services with a particular interval time which depends on the area of treatment and the amount of infestation.

We also undertake regular AMC bed bugs services for premises which can frequently affected with bed bugs which includes theatres, hostels, paying accommodation, hotels, transportation industries, hospitals etc. The AMC treatment includes treatment for thrice in a year against the bed bugs. we make sure the premises are free from bed bugs through out the year.

Mosquito control

Control Measure

The control method of mosquito control are usually classified into chemical, biological and environmental depending on whether the control of vectors is attempted through the use of chemicals or biological agents (or) by management of the environment.

Since it is a flying pest, it cannot be carried out to individual houses (or) homes, rather carried out to large industries, townships, apartments, corporate offices, big shopping malls etc.

ZippoCHEM pest mosquito control measure comprises the following methods.

  • Antilarval treatment
  • Residual indoor spray with 100% eco friendly chemical
  • fogging


  • A complete solution
  • Totally eco-friendly spray and environmental safe methods used
  • Saves your life and your dear ones from deadly diseases

Type of Service

Since mosquito is a flying insect we suggest you to sign an Annual Maintenance Contract to control it effectively to have a peaceful & healthy environment.

Periodicity and frequency of services is decided after inspection of your buildings.

Rodent control services

Rats, Mice, Bandicoots and Squirrel etc., belong to a group of animals called RODENTS. Rodents are identified by their teeth, they have large chisel like front teeth, designed for gnawing, they can gnaw through hard materials like wood, cement walls etc.

Rodents are omnivorous, invasive, intelligent and adoptable to given environment, very active in reproduction and rapid in fertility.

Generally rodents are found within or a very close to the human habitation. So rodents control has become essential as they are one of the most urban pest living at our expense, invading our zone, sharing our food and destroying our things. They are also transmitters of deadly diseases.

Most of the fire accidents, short circuits are caused by the rodents gnawing the cables electrical wiring. Through the above mentioned ways & criteria makes the rodent control measure a tough task to the pest control organization.

ZippoCHEM assure to take necessary and effective measures like spraying, fogging and biscuits etc., to get rid of rodents.

Bed Bug Exterminator

There are many signs which helps us to detect for any possible bed bugs infestation.

  • The feocal matter of bed bugs leaves stains in the walls or the fabrics.
  • Bed bugs are shed out their skin frequently.
  • Bed bugs are mainly prefer to stay in materials that are made of paper, wood or fabrics.
  • Their hideouts is always located within a distance of six feet or lesser than that from where humans live.
  • Some of the places where bed bugs sighted which includes mattress, underneath the covers, bed frame joints, behind photo frames, and inside furniture.


Bed bugs are small, oval shaped and reddish brown insects.

Their nymphs are almost colorless and it is difficult to recognize them

They produce about three or more generations each year. Any female bed bugs lay around 200 to 500 eggs although their life time on hard surfaces. The bed bugs cover their eggs and it hatch in10 to 15days at room temperature.


Bed bugs have five stages and they need to consume one blood meal before molting to the next stage. The life cycle from an egg to an adult takes about four months, based on the temperature and availability of food. Rising of temperature the bed bugs grows faster.

According to the temperature and humidity the bed bugs can even live upto 20 to 400 days without food. Adult bed bugs may live upto one year or move.


The warm atmosphere and carbon monoxide from the human breath can invite bed bugs to our living spaces. The bed bugs find the blood vessels closest to the surface of the skin with the support of their senses.

Bed bugs get moved with the luggage or bags of travelers. Bed bugs can be picked up from theatres or from airports or railways stations too. They also can enter our homes through clothing, furniture and bedding etc

Fumigation services Nagapattinam

Fumigation is a pest control solution which classifies the use of pesticide gases (fumigants) to exterminate pests within an enclosed space.

Fumigation is an effective in all stages of insect development and can be used to help terminate a variety of pests such as Stored Product Insects, cockroaches and bed bugs across commercial environments such as food and beverage processing and hospitality facilities, particularly when global trade is involved to prevent the movement of exotic organisms.


Termites are specifically troublesome pests as they can cause severe damage to your house or workplace, and are notoriously difficult to get rid of Frequently, they thrive discreetly and in inaccessible spots making termite control difficult.

Do-It-Yourself anti-termite treatments like termite spray might not be able to treat termite infestation at the root level, especially in the case of large termite areas.

Getting termite treatment from an expertise pest control is the best way to remove termites from your homes & buildings and protect your precious belongings.


ZippoCHEM offers both pre-construction and post-construction anti-termite treatments to make sure your house and your property are shielded from destructive termite attacks.

Post-construction termite treatment

Our specialized post-construction anti-termite treatment activities as a protection against damages caused by subterranean termites for existing homes and commercial / industrial buildings.

At ZippoCHEM we use only highly recommended costly government approved termite treatment chemicals. This solutions chemicals make sure a safe environment during and after termite treatment. This treatment comes with a five-year warranty for isolated structure/building which means that ZippoCHEM will carry out a re-treatment if re-infestation were to occur within the contract period. We also make a basic clean up after completion of the service. Call us today at 9944 74 1898….


Diseases, insects, and weeds will cause costly and irreparable harm to livestock and crops. Methods to manage these problems include the use of pesticides or biological pest control.

Integrated pest management (IPM) couples both methods and includes monitoring to reduce the overuse of pesticide applications. Contact us online or call us today at 9944 74 1898

Home Pest Control

ZippoCHEM indeed care for your family and well-being. That is the reason house owners across India trust ZippoCHEM when it comes to their pest control needs.

Our broad range of pest control treatments for home give you peace of mind and shield you from pest-related diseases. Contact us online or call us today at 9944 74 1898

Best Pest control Service

ZippoCHEM is a No. 1 pest control services in Nagapattinam and in Tamil Nadu. We provide great and effective solutions to your house & commercial buildings , Industrial sectors to get rid of pests with our excessive experience in pest Management sector. ZippoCHEM uses only government approved high end costly chemicals to keep the surroundings ECO-friendly. Contact us online or call us today at 9944 74 1898